Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Keep cursive around

I was pleased to see Ed Temple’s letter, “Not writing is just wrong,” about cursive writing (CDT, Friday).

Apparently, legible handwriting and the ability to read it are no longer important. It was shocking to me when I learned a few years ago that my granddaughter was only taught cursive writing for about half of third grade.

Keyboarding is important in the world today, but it should not replace handwriting as a communication skill.

How are these young people going to read historical documents such as the U.S. Constitution? How will they read old letters and other handwritten family treasures that many of us have saved for them?

Author, radio personality and storyteller Garrison Keillor once wrote a short piece on the value of handwritten notes and letters and how they were a gift from the sender to the receiver — a work of art, personally crafted just for you, something you could take out of the drawer, read and enjoy again and again.

For many of us, emails and texting just don’t rise to that level.

Since 2008, I’ve filled many pages with handwritten stories about my life and the lives of my parents and grandparents, so that future generations may know about our family, who we were and where they came from.

Some day, if or when they become interested, I fear that those who follow may not even be able to read what I’ve written.

Alan Scott, Bellefonte