Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Give cameras the green light

Regarding bicyclist Eric D. Smith’s letter (“Shedding light on a problem,” CDT Friday), every day this week that I was out in my car, I observed drivers running red lights.

What is it with State College?

I’ve been passed on double-yellow lines when I was doing the speed limit. After 35 years of driving in Baltimore and Washington traffic, I have never seen such bad, rude and selfish drivers. I feel more in danger here than in Washington rush-hour traffic.

Speeding in our 25 mph neighborhood is a major problem. It’s dangerous to cross the road. Neighbors tell me an elderly gentleman was killed a number of years ago trying to cross the road and that houses have been hit at least twice by cars leaving the road.

When I inquired about speed cameras, I was told they are illegal. If this is so, change the law.

Smith suggests red-light cameras. Red-light and speed cameras work very well. They also work out financially for the municipalities that install them.

I’ve talked with the local police and, as Smith said, they just can’t adequately address the problem. They can’t keep up with all the violators. The flashing “your speed is” sign outside our door helps, but not enough.

The only “traffic calming” (give me a break with the nomenclature) that works is fines.

You’ve got to hit people in the wallet to get their attention. The police can’t be around long enough to issue enough tickets. We need cameras!

Robert Echard, State College