Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Wrong approach to State Patty’s

It never ceases to amaze me how much energy certain university and borough officials put into curbing State Patty’s Day activities.

The recent round of efforts described in “Taverns weigh ‘holiday’ options” (CDT, Friday) are no exception.

I understand and appreciate the concerns about property damage that have arisen from past State Patty’s Days.

However, I cannot support the proposed over-the-top intrusions of government (and that includes Penn State as far as I am concerned) into the affairs of private business.

Last year, establishments were given the option of the $5,000 buyout; otherwise, it was insinuated, according to some accounts that I have heard from bar owners and bartenders, that establishments would be subject to “extra” scrutiny by the Liquor Control Board and other authorities.

Moreover, effectively closing downtown for business is punitive to responsible patrons — the majority.

What will happen will happen. However, as a devil’s advocate, I ask, Why aren’t the same actions considered for football weekends, which are known at times for their excessive revelry?

Is football that much of a sacred cow in Happy Valley?

Danny Brouillette, State College