Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Put gas line safety first

Since the Marcellus gas industry was introduced into this state, we have been told how safe it is and that people should not be concerned or worried about it.

So far, it has polluted cold water resources, destroyed millions of acres of timber and vegetation, created constant noise pollution in remote areas noted for tranquility and enjoyment.

If these incidents were not bad enough to cause alarm, within the past week a gas well in western Pennsylvania exploded, killing one person and injuring others as it was being connected to the gas transmission line.

On Thursday a natural gas line in Kentucky, much like the one being installed in State College, exploded, destroying three houses, two barns and several cars. One person was burned.

Imagine what an event like this could do in a more populated area, like State College.

The incident rates are getting alarming for an industry that is supported by our governor as being safe.

With the current rapid development of the Marcellus gas drilling here in the commonwealth, more stringent enforcement of environmental and safety rules must be approved. The current inspection scheduling does not appear to be adequate for an industry that is constantly on the move. Additional spot inspections should be required to ensure total compliance.

Joseph Colton, Smithmill