Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Joel Myers should reflect on the past

Joel Myers has publicly condemned Penn Staters for looking backward instead of forward.

He does not seem to understand that one must reflect back in order to move forward more effectively. Doesn’t the board of trustees do that every time it implements a recommendation or changes a policy for the better? Improvement can only be measured by past performance. Myers has been part of a board that has incurred great harm to Penn State. He does not deserve another term on the board of trustees.

He did not have the strength of character to defend the university and its employees when they needed him most. It appears that his ego will not allow him to acknowledge his past mistakes. He does not have the integrity to attempt to revisit those mistakes and correct them.

It is no surprise that Myers wants to look to the future. His motives are shamefully transparent. The past is where his greatest breach of responsibility as a trustee occurred, and those shortcomings will not bode well for him in the upcoming election.

My votes will be cast for men and women with integrity, courage and humility of spirit.

Ceil Masella, Columbus, N.J.