Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Blame the games

Enough pussy-footing, already.

We are still reading “Higher tuition predicted” (CDT, Feb. 26), in which Penn State President Rodney Erickson said that if the commonwealth doesn’t come across with more financial support, there exists the danger of Penn State’s “not being able to offer competitive pay” in faculty recruitment.

Let’s get real.

The real villains here are the overgrown athletic programs (as driven by the insanity of the fans), which at times seem to require coverups and mitigation of criminal behavior so as not to embarrass these programs.

This concerns more than just the Jerry Sandusky case, though the price of all this is being felt through the huge costs of NCAA penalties, legal fees (including some associated with defending those who may well be judged guilty), settlements with innocent victims and lost revenues.

So who do we blame? The commonwealth for lack of support? No mention of the fact that semiprofessional athletic programs, which often detract from the primary mission of the university, should be reined in while getting the university back to teaching, research and service to Pennsylvania residents.

Stop pandering to sports addicts. And how about not creating more sports addicts (aka couch potatoes) among the students?

Note that while faculty recruitment may be in danger, sports coach recruitment — at outrageous salaries — goes on without interruption, as does the hiring of another sports president.


Roger and Nicki Herman, Bellefonte