Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Where will he get the money?

Is there any spending bill that Sen. Bob Casey will not embrace?

According to “Casey proposes anti-heroin bill” (CDT, Friday), Casey wants another new government program.

This time, he plans to save us all by funding states to “educate” citizens about heroin and by retraining doctors who prescribe “opioid” drugs.

We have existing laws to deal with drug trafficking.

We have school health classes to deal with education.

Doctors are trained about drugs in medical school, and those who are careless with drug prescriptions can be sued and barred from practicing medicine.

So, why do we need this program?

According to the article, Casey could not address program costs at his news media briefing. What’s worse, there appears to have been no mention of program funding sources.

Why no cost data? I’m convinced that Casey thinks government must correct this problem regardless of the cost.

What about program funding options?

He could add to the cost to the deficit (that is easy and would only hurt future generations); look for budget offsets (maybe quietly extend Medicare sequestration for another year, an approach he supported for the restoration of military retiree COLA benefits); or propose a tax increase (because this bill deals with drugs, maybe he could tax the sale of all prescription drugs).

Which option will he choose?

This is a ridiculous plan and a total waste of money. I plan to convey my opinion to Casey.

Terry Kordes, Port Matilda