Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Bierly would tackle all issues

My grandfather was a public school administrator for more than 40 years. My great-grandfather was dean of Agriculture at Penn State from 1912 to 1939.

Both were Penn State alumni.

They passed along to me their opinion that the most damaging members of any board — school boards, boards of trustees, etc. — were single-issue members with personal vendettas.

Grandpa was adamant that all board decisions should be for the common good.

The Penn State board of trustees election has exposed a few of these single-issue candidates, backed by Penn Staters for Responsible Stewardship, a very vocal group whose members don’t have the courage to identify themselves or their backers.

To them, “success with honor” seems to have a very different meaning than from original intent. (Honor?)

Trustee Anthony Lubrano is the mouthpiece for this group, and his only assets appear to be the ability to speak without thinking, deep pockets and an unquench-able desire for publicity.

It’s alarming that Lubrano has the ear of several state legislators and wants to help write new legislation to govern the university.

Perhaps, due to the lack of funding from Harrisburg, Penn State should go private. Then they could tell those politicians what they really think of them.

Keith Bierly is a candidate my grandfather would endorse.

Bierly has a genuine concern for all of Penn State and the background to know how, ideally, a board should function.

Elect the man from Rebersburg.

Scott Vogt, Centre Hall