Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Too taxing for taxpayers

The State College Area School District is at it again, pursuing wasteful spending for a new high school that’s expected to cost more than $100 million.

Several years ago, in a hard-fought battle by the taxpayers, a similar plan was rejected, but not before more than $5 million was wasted on design and the taxpayers were stuck with a legally questionable $10 million debt swap derivative.

The high school’s North Building has been expanded and modernized several times at a cost in today’s dollars of well more than $30 to $40 million, and the district claims that the building site has problems.

Why did they insist on the expansion and modernization of the school on that site if these problems existed?

The school district has neglected the South Building while they pursue the wasteful spending to build a new school.

They are never satisfied with the amount of tax money they can spend, and they are always finding ways to tax and spend more.

Now school board members are engaged in a door-to-door propaganda campaign to sell their progressive Utopian nightmare to voters, with the taxpayers footing the bill.

Those on fixed incomes better realize that they are being taxed out of their homes.

Harder economic times are coming, and with taxes, debt and inflation on the rise at the national, state, county and local levels, this unnecessary profligate spending will cripple us all.

Ronald B. Servello, Halfmoon Township