Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | The bubble’s about to burst

The president keeps making statements that the economy is getting better.

The reality is that the Federal Reserve keeps printing money, making the money supply bigger.

Look at the national debt, which keeps growing because of Washington’s wasteful spending.

They put fear into the American people, telling us that if we don’t spend, the economy will crash.

It’s totally the opposite. They need to stop the spending before it crashes. We live in a fake economy, and the bubble is about to burst.

It’s not if it crashes, it’s when. The start of inflation has already begun with food, gas and home-heating fuels.

Washington spending is like a heroin addiction; they just can’t stop.

The national debt is the biggest security risk for our country today.

The effect on the stock markets, the dollar and banking systems would be a terrible time for our country. This is not the change and transforming of America I want.

Ed Emel, Bellefonte