Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Biosolid regulations needed

The distribution of sewage, human waste and other unknown contaminants, commonly referred to now as biosolids, is an issue that deserves further investigation and research.

There is currently no way to ensure that all the material in this product is what we are led to believe it is.

What has been ignored by regulators is the manner in which the waste product is transported to the distribution point. There are guidelines for how the waste is to be transported. But who is inspecting the process?

There is absolutely no consideration for the people exposed to the potential of pathogens, airborne contaminants, odors and other nuisance hazards living along the routes to the point of distribution.

The vehicles being used are usually old and worn open-bed tri-axle trucks — the same used to haul stone and coal.

There appears to be no requirement for reporting the distribution schedule to DEP, the address of its origination or distribution point, or the name of the contractors used in transporting.

This information is essential for enforcement of the regulations designed to protect the public.

Those living in the communities that create the sewage are protected by the mandates of sewage treatment facilities and never experience exposure, but no protection is afforded to the innocent public that suffers exposure during transportation and distribution.

There have to be additional steps to protect the public. Now that winter is almost over, exposure to the disgusting odors and other unknown contaminants will begin.

Joseph Colton, Smithmill