Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Keith Bierly gets things done

As a member of the Penn State Alumni Association, I strongly endorse Keith Bierly for a seat on the board of trustees.

With his reputation as one who can build consensus and with a demonstrated ability to get individuals and groups to work together for the common good, Bierly would be a great addition to the board.

As a former Centre County commissioner and now as a private businessman, Bierly has always been known for his honesty and being open with his decisions and his rationale.

Only 16 percent of the alumni have a strong amount of trust in the trustees; the time for change is now. We need an independent person on the board, not one beholden to factions and agendas.

I have lived in State College for 43 years and earned three degrees from Penn State. With Penn State President Eric Barron starting soon, the election of new, competent people to the board of trustees would get Penn State off to a fresh start.

Bierly is characterized by his ability to get things done. Based on that background, he would help restore public trust in the board and increase the transparency that was lacking for so long.

Vote for Keith Bierly for the board of trustees. I am confident he is the solution to many of the board’s challenges.

Greg Ferro, State College