Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | There’s no debate

March 20’s CDT presented two op-eds about climate change: one co-authored by two of the world’s most respected climate scientists; the other by a little-regarded climate change denier.

By running these articles side by side, the CDT is guilty of perpetuating the myth that there is a debate in the scientific world over the reality and the looming dire consequences of climate change. There is none.

Science has created or enhanced every aspect of modern life and gives us the lifestyle we enjoy: computers and communications, medicine, ability to feed 7 billion people, travel, etc.

But science also tells us, beyond any doubt, that continuing to spew carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere is leading to a changed and potentially unlivable planet.

To accept everything else that science brings to us, but not to accept the science behind climate change is incomprehensible. The CDT should not in any way promote this “debate.”

Informed opinions on the editorial page help us understand the issues we face, and help us decide actions we, and our elected officials, should take. Our climate scientists have informed us and warned us.

Michael Mann and Richard Alley are internationally respected scientists whose work has stood up under intense scrutiny. They deserve our respect and our attention. John Christy promotes the myth of a debate, and himself. To elevate Christy to the same level of Mann and Alley by suggesting an equivalency is irresponsible journalism.

The CDT owes them and its readers an apology.

Bob Potter