Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Clean up after yourselves

I spent an hour and a half Saturday and two hours Sunday picking up two bags of trash and five bags of recyclables on part of the street adjacent to my house — and still there’s more.

Cigarette butts, empty cigarette packs, plastic and glass bottles, beer and soda cans, lots of fast-food wrappers, plastic cups and Styrofoam cups and containers.

It’s disgusting how drivers just don’t care. Cars have ashtrays, and carrying a plastic grocery bag in the car for trash to dispose of in a garbage can takes less energy and time than powering down the window and tossing it into my yard or anywhere else.

Litterbugs, didn’t your parents teach you not to throw garbage out the car window? Do you throw trash on the floors in your house instead of in a garbage can? Do you discard cigarette butts on your bedroom floor rather than use an ashtray? Do you walk around your house and drop trash wherever you happen to be and expect someone else to come along and clean up after you?

I hope not, so don’t do it in our community either.

Susan Hamburger, Bellefonte