Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Fund a better education

If the May 20 referendum to fund the State High project passes, we will celebrate our community’s belief in education.

If passed, we would have a high school campus with updated facilities, increased safety and security and enhanced educational opportunities.

We would have an educational campus that would last 50 years, and 30,000 kids would benefit.

We would be proud of our facilities.

If the vote on the funding fails, we, as taxpayers, will pay more over a longer time period, as the needs will continue to grow.

Every year 2,400 students in grades 9-12 would be subjected to inadequate facilities, with more disruption due to repairs and failing structures.

Potential funding shortages in the annual operating budget could negatively impact programming. This district is known for excellent programming opportunities. Do we really want to short-change education?

Either we pay now to celebrate our progress or we pay later when it will be more expensive. I would rather celebrate.

Vote yes May 20 for education.

G. Michael Brown, Stormstown