Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Myers is passionate about PSU

I feel compelled to write in support of my father, Joel N. Myers, in his last election for the Penn State board of trustees.

He is a man of many talents and many interests, but the two things that immediately come to mind when I think of him are AccuWeather and Penn State (not necessarily in that order).

He has dedicated much of his life to both to ensure their continued success.

There are still many who harbor resentment from the events of November 2011 — primarily, the firing of Joe Paterno — and want to replace anyone who was on the board at that time.

Some incumbent board members succumbed to the intimidation and chose not to seek re-election. That is not my father. He is not one to be intimidated, especially when it involves something in which he believes so strongly.

It would certainly be easier to avoid all the negativity and to bow out gracefully, but he cares less about his reputation and more about the future of Penn State. That is why he is running for one more term.

My father loves Penn State and wants it to continue to be successful. He’s looking to the future, not dwelling on the past. That is why I encourage alumni to vote for him in next month’s election.

A vote for Joel Myers is a vote for experienced leadership, a lifetime of dedication to the university and unsurpassed passion for Penn State’s potential.

Sharon A. Myers

State College