Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Unsettled about the science

Are Richard Alley, Michael Mann and others aware that, according to Brietbart.com, the prestigious American Physical Society (www.aps.org) has formed a six-man Panel of Public Affairs, which includes three eminent skeptics (not deniers), to examine questions about climate change?

That doesn’t seem to be settled science to me.

I also wonder when and where the eminent academicians acquired their knowledge of our ability to change the climate in view of various political difficulties — as in explaining to China, India and the Third World why they should cooperate.

That would mean that they could never reach the decent level of living enjoyed by the current smug comfort of American and European countries.

Nor do they proffer an alternative to vainly taxing and wrecking the world’s economies to reduce the carbon enough (statistics, please) in lieu of using efforts to help the Earth’s people to adjust their lifestyles to the new climate if the sun does not cooperate with their lofty ideals.

This is not the scientific method I was taught. My Chatham College science mentor, Dr. Wallace, must be rolling in his grave. Of course, he was fighting this kind of battle many years ago.

Nancy Heil, State College