Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Know when to leave

It is understandable that Dottie Sandusky would stand by her child-sexual-abuser husband, as that is what the spouses of notorious criminals generally do.

It is unconscionable, however, for responsible media outlets to air interviews with her in which she vouches for her husband, the purpose of which is to evoke sympathy for a villain and to take another cheap shot at his multiple victims, whom the wife of the abuser again asserts pursued justice with the ulterior and sole motive of receiving money.

Although I have not watched and will not watch any of her interviews, many cannot avert their gaze from them in the same manner that one views a train wreck.

I cannot begin to imagine how painful such media appearances are for the young men who were targeted by Sandusky, as they attempt to deal with the grievous emotional wounds he inflicted. They are hindered in this pursuit as Dottie Sandusky refuses to get off the stage, unwavering in her devotion to the individual who nearly destroyed a once-great institution.

Someone in her position should be thankful she is able to enjoy a lavish lifestyle through money that was garnered under false pretenses, not having to repay any of the millions of dollars in damages that will be paid by Penn State donors, students and taxpayers.

“Promises, Promises,” the renowned Broadway show of yesteryear, contains the song “Knowing When to Leave.” Dottie Sandusky has not gotten the message.

A disgusting state of affairs has been made even worse.

Oren Spiegler, Upper St. Clair