Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | There are free lunches

I have always thought that what our society needs are more random acts of kindness.

I was shocked recently when I became a recipient of that kindness.

After ordering my food at a McDonald’s drive-through, I nearly escaped a collision with another car in the outside drive-through lane and I yelled at the woman driving the car.

I said, “Who do you think you are, Danica Patrick?”

For those who don’t know NASCAR, Patrick is perhaps the world’s most famous female racecar driver.

The woman who was speeding to get to the pay window acknowledged my anger and proceeded to pay for her order. When it was my turn at the pay window, the McDonald’s cashier told me that my meal had already been paid for by the woman in the car in front of me.

How could I possibly be upset with that outcome? I couldn’t get to her to thank her for her kindness but I promised myself that her gesture would prompt me at an appropriate time and place to also render a random act of kindness.

I really felt good about that.

Larry Butler, State College