Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Student spending is justified

The new $200 million state prison in Benner Township that houses 2,000 inmates did not require a referendum for our tax dollars ($100,000 per inmate).

Yet we must fight to pass a referendum to invest in our students — our future — for much less per student ($85 million for 3,000 students equates to about $28,000 per student).

But rather than bemoan the situation, my husband and I are all the more determined to do right by this young generation in the State College Area School District to give them the best chance in life.

We will be voting yes May 20 to support the State High project. Please join us — for our future.

Find ways to help at www.friendsofstatehigh.org, a website created by a group of local volunteers committed to passing the State High project referendum.

Kathy McClintic. State College