Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Read the fine print

I urge all people in the State College Area School District who plan to vote on the referendum in the May elections to go to statecollegewatchdog.com. Click on all of the headings and digest the information.

It is very informative and comprehensive. It will give you the long-term facts.

If the referendum passes, you will be looking at a 7.2 percent tax increase over 30 years in addition to the annual maximum increases allowed without another referendum.

We are also told other elementary schools will need more money in the near future. The ever-increasing pension costs also are escalating dramatically. The tax increases to meet pension obligations will be on top of all the others.

The school board will most likely ask for emergency tax increases without another referendum to meet those obligations.

The school board already threw away $9 million on the Canadian loan fiasco. The public should be told just how much money is in the reserve.

Have we been overtaxed in the past? We are told the schools are too old. One only need look to Rec Hall and Old Main, among others, on campus to see what proper maintenance can do.

I was told directly that there are no tax breaks being considered for retired folks living on fixed incomes.

If the referendum passes it will not take many years before our taxes will double. Is this what you want? Can you afford it?

Clarence Stoner, Port Matilda