Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Ease up on taxes

I recently had a great adventure in Zimbabwe.

When I visited an elementary school, four children were leaving because they did not have the $2 for that month’s tuition. I pulled $8 from my wallet and put them back in school.

How terribly burdensome it is to pay thousands each year for schools I do not use merely because I own a house.

Though comparing Africa to the U.S. is extreme, an interesting point is made. In many countries families only pay for schools if they have children and only when the children are attending school.

The price of school property taxes here has reached the point of equaling a second mortgage or the cost of the house over the time one lives in it.

Why should only property owners get stuck with paying for schools?

Let’s make Pennsylvania truly innovative and spread this cost among everyone with a small increase in income and sales taxes while eliminating the cost to homeowners and placing more pressure on teachers’ unions that guarantee golden benefits and pensions that the rest of us rarely have.

James Steamer, State College