Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Vote for a better future

Why should I and other retirees support the May 20 referendum on funding school improvements?

One reason is that, even if we (or our children or grandchildren) did not go to school in this district, we did go somewhere. And wherever that was, local residents were paying taxes to support the public schools we attended.

We should remember that generations serve each other in many ways, not just in funding schools, but also, for example, in funding Social Security, where younger, active workers contribute to the benefits that go to retirees.

I appreciate that many retirees are on relatively fixed incomes, but nonetheless urge them to vote for a tax increase to ensure the best for our young people and for the quality of life in our school district.

Now, perhaps even more than when we were youngsters, a good education is imperative for success.

The best facility possible is needed to deliver the best education and to properly prepare our children for the future.

A yes vote May 20 is a yes for a better future for them and for our community.

Marilyn Keat

State College