Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Myers is loyal to Penn State

I have known Joel Myers for many years — since our student days, as faculty colleagues and as friends.

For 15 years, Myers and I taught related courses and had principal roles on the university’s television weather program. I and a large generation of forecasters benefited greatly from his skills.

He is an energetic and smart entrepreneur who has served and given back much to Penn State, including very sizable gifts and countless hours of service. His service has been valuable, and his advice has had a high batting average.

On the board, he was especially helpful to our efforts to enable active and online learning. He is very loyal to his friends and loving to his large family, and always credits Penn State and its people for his success.

Though I was never associated with AccuWeather, by knowing him and a number of our students who worked there, I believe that its success was achieved by great dedication, industry, openness to change and scientific integrity.

Despite our differences in politics, favorite professional teams and opinions on many topics, Meyers and I have remained highly respecting and fast friends.

I will vote for Joel Myers for trustee, as I always have, and I recommend him to any voter who looks to see Penn State among the top ranks in all of its endeavors, while remaining accessible to a widening reach of students.

He has added greatly to Penn State’s “fame.” Thank you for considering his candidacy.

John J. Cahir, State College