Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Strong schools, community

Please vote yes to fund the State High Project.

As the mother of a first grader at Radio Park Elementary School, I have a vested interest in the project. I want it to happen.

The high school’s North Building was built in 1957 and the South Building in 1962. We all know how much work we need to put into a home; it requires constant maintenance.

The current high school has an obsolete mechanical system and does not meet current codes or Americans with Disabilities Act standards.

The lack of security in the current high school is a huge concern to me. I don’t want my little guy (when he’s an older, bigger guy) to have to cross the street to get to his classes or pass through a parking lot between classes to get into the building.

There are many residents who have no vested interest in the project and are concerned about an increase to their taxes. I understand the concern. I respectfully urge them to consider the futures of our precious children and to please consider giving them the opportunity to grow and learn in an environment that is efficient, sustainable and safe.

Please say “yes” to grant our children an educational experience in an environment designed to foster closer relationships among students, teachers and administration. This kind of return benefits everyone in our community — a community that reveres education everywhere we look. We are…

I urge voters to vote yes May 20 for the referendum to fund the high school.

Lisa Cohen

State College