Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | A vote for Glocker

Penn State needs a person who has volunteered his time to the university.

Penn State needs a person who will reach out to all alumni, students and supporters; a person with a vision to grow the university.

Penn State needs a person who will rectify the past while focusing on the future.

Who does Penn State need? Rudy Glocker.

Glocker was recruited by and played for Joe Paterno. He could have gone to virtually any university. He chose Penn State.

Glocker earned two degrees in five years at Penn State and, later, an MBA from Harvard.

He has successfully worked on Wall Street and internationally, was awarded Outstanding Young Alumnus by Penn State’s department of political science and has grown a small startup company into an international brand, Pediped Footwear.

Glocker has hired Penn State graduates to work for Pediped and he has served on boards, not only associated with Penn State (World Campus), but also with the Aloha Foundation.

Glocker has a vision to rectify the past mistakes of the board, but also to focus on the future of Penn State.

Penn State needs Rudy Glocker.

Vote for him in the board of trustees election.

R.C. Bauer