Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Comparing school districts

North Allegheny School District is demographically very similar to the State College school district in many Pennsylvania Department of Education comparative metrics, such as wealth, enrollment, budget, PSSA test scores, etc.

North Allegheny’s high school buildings also are similar — a ninth- and 10th-grade building built in 1954 that housed ninth through 12th grades until 1974 and a building built in 1974 that now contains grades 11 and 12.

The average age of its two buildings is 50 years, compared to 54 years for the State College buildings. The most recent upgrades to North Allegheny’s original building were in 1997 and 2001. Major items included in the upgrades were two gyms, 18 classrooms, four science labs, a new band room, and upgrades to HVAC and utilities in both buildings.

Questions people should be demanding satisfactory answers to before they vote May 20 are: Why can’t State College perform like North Allegheny?

How can North Allegheny, which has higher test scores and whose sports teams beat ours, continue to function better than we do in essentially the same age facilities?

Why should we volunteer to cough up $85 million more before SCASD proves it can manage the assets it has, instead of proudly displaying pictures of how bad it has let things go?

Until these questions are answered, voting yes for the referendum will be throwing $85 million more toward the $10 million already lost in the swap.

Pete Schempf, Centre Hall