Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Taxed enough already

What about school taxes?

Who’s going to pay for the State High project? Not the union teachers. They’ll still get regular pay raises, which could cover their taxes.

They, too, should feel the pain.

I am not saying our school does not need some upgrades; I am saying they need to continue to think about how much more to cut. They are calling this a campus. Do we really need it to be a campus?

This project will be completed 2018, maybe. What will the student population be at that time? The district still owes part of the $9 million it agreed to pay in the swap.

What will they ask for next that will raise our taxes? Think long and hard when you go to vote.

We are the people, the taxpayers. We cannot take much more in taxes.

Rosie McClintic, Boalsburg