Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Great man, great legacy

In response to Bernie McCue’s opinion (“Paterno was overrated,” Thursday) that Joe Paterno was an “average” coach and that without Jerry Sandusky and his supporting staff throughout the years Paterno could never really attain “greatness,” the writer is not only self indulgent or trying to instigate a debate, he is completely oblivious and myopic when it comes to the Paterno’s legacy.

Of course Paterno supporters think the NCAA had no right to take away victories from the university and the coach. What the writer fails to comprehend is that Paterno was a great man.

No wins, losses, records or whatever can change that.

He was a faithful husband, father, grandfather, friend, brother, mentor, philanthropist and developer of young men. I could go on and on.

There is a lot more to what Paterno brought into this world than football. His life’s legacy will never be average. He came into this world loved by those who brought him here and he left this world loved by even more.

That does not define “average”; it is “success.” What more can any person ask out of life?

Mark F. Bauer, State College