Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Promises broken

In 2010, Tom Corbett gave a promise that he would not increase taxes.

In November, he signed and passed one of the largest tax increases ever imposed on the people of Pennsylvania.

Our local state senator and two local state representatives also supported and signed the bill.

I’m talking about the $2.3 billion transportation bill that removes the oil and gas franchise cap. It imposes a 28-cents-a-gallon increase on gasoline plus a driver’s license and traffic violations cost increases.

Corbett, in a 2014 campaign ad, says he has kept his promises by not increasing taxes in Pennsylvania. Does Corbett think voters are that stupid?

I am a conservative and have lost all support for progressive Republicans.

In the May 20 primary election, I will cast my vote for Bob Guzzardi for governor. He is a true conservative.

He is for small government and low taxes.

If Corbett wins the primary, he probably will lose the general election in November. The only thing Corbett will be known for after November is the Corbett Gas Tax.

Ed Emel, Bellefonte