Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Image problem remains

In recent days, I’ve heard and seen Joel Myers responding to critics with the following argument:

“Instead of suing Penn State and using resources that could be better deployed, I worked as a member of the Outreach Committee to change the image problem of the university caused by the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse case.”

My experiences have left me perplexed by Myers’ claims, as I have not witnessed the image change he’s suggesting has occurred.

To the contrary, journalists still cite the Freeh report as proof of wrongdoing by Penn State officials. Opinion pieces continue to be written in support of Penn State’s punishment. Alumni and students are still taunted in public places and in Internet comments, simply for wearing our colors or professing pride in the university.

Myers seems to assert that although he opposes the NCAA sanctions, his work on the Outreach Committee to change public perception is more important than the recovery of $60 million, lost scholarships, lost accolades for hundreds of outstanding student athletes over the course of decades and lost bowl revenue.

If true, then Myers surely must be able to provide some concrete examples of this “change of image” to back up his claim.

Linda Berkland, Marysville, Ohio