Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Bierly a capable candidate

I support Keith Bierly for the Penn State board of trustees.

I trust that he would take a balanced approach. He wouldn’t make outrageous statements that offer nothing of substance just to get his name in the paper, but he would convey ideas that can help Penn State restore its nationally respected reputation.

He would be honest about the cost of tuition and wouldn’t make promises that he knows are not feasible.

Bierly appreciates that state appropriations and federal research grant increases are just as important as successful athletic programs. His measured viewpoint would bring stability back to the university’s governing body.

Bierly’s understanding of the university and the surrounding community is unique in its depth. At Penn State, he earned a master’s degree in constitutional law and subsequently served 12 years as a magisterial district judge and 16 years as a county commissioner.

Those experiences gave him legal knowledge and executive capability, which would be remarkable assets to the board.

I won’t discourage someone from voting for a “trustee team,” but I admire Bierly’s solo campaign. It’s a tougher road, but it shows independent thinking and vision.

All candidates for the board of trustees must be commended for continuing their dedication to our alma mater. Some may say that this year’s 30-plus candidates is overkill, but I disagree; it demonstrates the diverse and enduring commitment of our alumni for the glory of Old State.

Bierly has the experience, devotion and resolve to be an outstanding trustee.

Michael Pipe

Patton Township

The writer is a member of the Centre County Board of Commissioners.