Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Looking back on events

People need to be reminded of some facts.

Jerry Sandusky retired in 1999. He no longer was a Penn State employee when the shower incident happened in 2001.

When I retire from my job, I am required to hand over my ID and key that gives me access to the building. Why did he have access to the building that permitted the shower incident?

I do not understand why Joe Paterno was fired. He notified the athletic director, and Sandusky was not an employee when this incident occurred. Why were kids who were still in elementary school when the said incident occurred the ones punished?

When I was growing up in this community, during Christmas break, Rec Hall was open for the local kids. We were allowed to use the trampoline and the track around the top of the building and to play volleyball and basketball. I understand that this no longer happens.

Is this progress, or have we lost track of our roots?

Ruth Houtz Pressler