Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Bring the hammer down

We need a hammer on the board.

The six alumni trustees we have elected over the past two years have reasoned, pleaded and explained why truth and real transparency are necessary to unite our Penn State community in a common cause.

Their overtures and entreaties have been met with derision and legal threats. The power bloc that created so much division, caused so much damage and cost us so much money is dug in behind a stone wall of indifference and disdain.

There are many qualified candidates. We get to choose three. We may differ, but we all should understand that we are in a fight to the finish, and one candidate has a proven record of fighting and bringing down entrenched power blocs.

When Al Lord walks into his first board meeting, everything will change. The lawyers and consultants will be put on notice; business as usual will be off the table; transparency will be a fact and not a PR slogan. The walls will crumble.

That’s why so many who have been leading this effort — Sue Paterno, Franco Harris, Anthony Lubrano, Barb Doran, Bill Oldsey, Ted Brown, Eileen Morgan and PS4RS — are asking alumni to vote for Al Lord.

They know how tough, passionate and resolved he is. They know he won’t go along to get along. They know he is the worst nightmare of the Nov. 9, 2011 trustees.

Your vote can change everything. You can make an impact.

Gary Levitt

Delray Beach, Florida