Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Trust in Alice Pope

As an alumna seeking someone to represent me on the Penn State board of trustees, experience is not the only important aspect in my decision to support a candidate.

Many current trustees have distinguished resumes that make them more than qualified to sit on our board. However, one quality missing from some of these members is the moral fortitude to do what is right.

Character, integrity and trustworthiness are what I look for in a candidate. I love Penn State. I want someone I trust to be on the board representing me. This person is Alice Pope.

Pope has put forth a tireless effort to repair the damage done to Penn State since November 2011.

Through grass-roots organizations, she has promoted board reform by forming relationships with Pennsylvania legislators and by organizing letter-writing campaigns to legislators and trustees.

Pope has written a number of columns in newspapers about the need for governance reform and the importance of understanding events related to the San-dusky crisis.

She also has conducted research and written reports for trustees and legislators on topics related to governance.

Pope has advocated for her fellow alumni and has done so with sincerity, passion and integrity. I trust her to do what is right for Penn State. I trust her judgment. I trust her.

I’m voting for Alice Pope in order to put the “trust” back into trustee.

M.J. Suthern Neumann