Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Community to speak at the polls

With all due respect for Penni Fishbaine (“The community has spoken,” CDT, Wednesday), the community has not spoken on the proposed renovation of State College Area High School.

The 1,667 survey respondents she presents as evidence are a very small percentage of the population, and it remains to be seen whether the number of those who supported the green-lighted option do in fact represent the community as a whole.

The argument that our existing high school buildings are outdated, failing and inadequate raises serious questions. I’m not disagreeing that there are problems with the facilities on Westerly Parkway, but we don’t have to drive very far to see a lot of older — in some cases much older — buildings that are still being successfully maintained and used.

If our 1950-1960s era high school is failing, that indicates a failure on the part of personnel and someone should be held accountable.

This time, the process has been open and transparent. The school board should be commended for including the public and seeking input.

But to suggest that those who object don’t care about students, education or our town is simply not fair or accurate.

Those who will vote no on the referendum may do so for any number of legitimate reasons: cost, location, the single high school concept, concern about the inadequate maintenance on existing buildings, among others.

The important thing is for people to vote May 20.

That’s when the community will speak.

Cindy Harding

State College