Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor | In Keith Bierly’s corner

I encourage Penn State alumni to vote for my husband, Keith Bierly, for trustee.

The slate of candidates contains numerous individuals who have been incredibly successful in the private sector. None of the candidates, however, has a public record that matches Keith’s in fighting for due process, fair play and justice.

As a district judge, he presided over thousands of hearings and was the first in the state to be assigned two courtrooms.

As county commissioner, he led the effort for a full-time district attorney so someone would be consistently available to the victims of crime.

As prison board chairman, he led the effort for a new prison, giving judges more sentencing options and inmates more treatment options.

He fought to eliminate the occupational assessment tax here and statewide, established the only reassessment plan adopted by the county in 40 years and signed an in-lieu-of-tax agreement with the university.

All were steps in the right direction for tax fairness.

As commissioner, he expanded the social services safety net, renovated and expanded the nursing home, and significantly increased emergency services support.

He left no one behind.

For seven years, he was the state administrator for the regulatory agency that ensured fair play in the Pennsylvania dairy industry. He was selected because he understood fair competition.

While other candidates pledge “justice,” Keith has delivered justice for decades.

He would be a positive addition as a trustee.

Kimberley Yarnell Bierly

Centre Hall