Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor | Be wary of the PS4RS brand

When Penn State graduates cast ballots for the board of trustees, they should be wary of candidates endorsed by Penn Staters for Responsible Stewardship.

The public actions and statements of candidates Bob Jubelirer, Al Lord and Alice Pope indicate they would not be responsible stewards of our university.

Jubelirer engineered the middle-of-the-night legislative pay raise in 2005 that increased his salary by 34 percent.

As documented by the watchdog group Rock the Capital, he voted for a 50 percent increase in legislators’ pensions and left in 2006 with a $90,000-a-year pension. Should alumni trust Jubelirer to be a steward of Penn State’s resources?

Lord built his enormous wealth in an industry criticized for profiting excessively from college students.

In 2007, Congress called an investigation of Lord’s sale of more than $18 million of Sallie Mae stock days before President George W. Bush announced cuts to government subsidies to Sallie Mae.

Can alumni count on Lord to put the interests of the university and its students first?

Pope has advocated that Pennsylvania’s Right to Know law apply across the board at Penn State, despite the devastating effect it could have on the university’s research enterprise.

Her lack of understanding of this complex issue makes questionable her qualifications for serving on a board of a public university of Penn State’s sophistication and scale.

Fortunately, voters have choices of well-qualified candidates who will put Penn State and its students first. Vote wisely: The future of your university is at stake.

Jason Kramer

Valley View