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April 30 | Your Letters

Editor’s note: The Centre Daily Times welcomes letters in favor or or in opposition to the State High referendum and letters endorsing candidates in the May 20 primary election. Letters will be accepted if received by 5 p.m. May 13 for publication through May 16. Letters will be subject to editing and will not be considered for publication if mean-spirited attacks not based on facts are employed. Letters from candidates, their staffs and their relatives will not be published.

There is a precedent

Whitehall Road becomes University Drive at South Atherton Street. Therefore, why can’t Blue Coarse Drive from West College Avenue to Whitehall be renamed Washboard Drive?

Before you travel on the new Washboard Drive, make sure you have your tires and shock absorbers checked.

Larry Butler

State College

Caution: Dangerous road

Recently I have seen several dangerous situations on Boalsburg Road between Lemont and Boalsburg.

This may come as a surprise to those who are concerned with the speed limit on that section of roadway, but all of the situations I have witnessed involved cars traveling at or near the speed limit.

What made them dangerous was that the road was simultaneously and inappropriately being used by people for recreation. The road is simply not wide enough for mixed uses, and the blind corners compound the problem.

In one incident I was traveling at the speed limit around a blind corner and a jogger unexpectedly jumped into the middle of my lane waving his arms and screaming some extremely offensive things at me because he was under the impression that I was going too fast.

In another, I witnessed a cyclist almost get hit from behind because a truck was attempting to pass him while a car was traveling the opposite direction around another blind corner.

When I use this road I always have my fingers crossed that I won’t someday have to stop and render assistance to an injured pedestrian or cyclist attempting to use a thoroughfare that is designed specifically for automotive.

With the abundance of sidewalks and bike paths designated specifically for recreation blanketing the State College area, I can’t understand why people put themselves in such danger.

Nathan Moorman

State College

Better standards needed

Common Core is a standardized test used throughout the country that doesn’t take into consideration that what one learns in Mississippi is what one learns in New York.

We’re going down the wrong track with this.

Why are we trying to standardize everything? We cannot standardize people. Some of us are extremely able-bodied and some of us have some disabilities, but we all are individuals. We are all citizens of this great country.

Throw out these core standards and let’s go back to allowing education to be where we allow the creativity of the child to come alive, where they enjoy learning and that they become educated because they are enjoying it.

John A. DeBartola