Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Restore the reputation

According to the Center for Children’s Justice, whose mission is “to promote community responsibility so every Pennsylvania child is protected from child abuse,” Pennsylvania’s rate of child abuse investigations remains the lowest in the nation; in 2010, 8,654 of the state’s child abuse reports (about 35 percent) were referred to law enforcement for possible criminal investigation and prosecution; Pennsylvania does not require every person to report child abuse; and the state is a statistical outlier in its investigation and substantiation of child abuse.

So why does Penn State continue to be the focus of Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape and other groups instead of the Second Mile, Children and Youth Services, and other state agencies tasked with protecting children?

Because Rodney Erickson and the Nov. 11, 2011, members of the Penn State board of trustees, including Joel Myers, assumed responsibility for Jerry Sandusky’s crimes, accepted the Freeh report and embraced the unjust NCAA sanctions.

Penn State will soon be rid of Erickson. Myers, who as a trustee failed his most important fiduciary duty — to protect the university — must also go.

Help restore the reputation of Penn State by electing Alice Pope, Al Lord and Bob Jubelirer to the board of trustees.

Carole Vail

State College