Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Where’s the free speech?

A man owns a basketball team, speaks his mind in the privacy of his own home, is illegally taped and is the center of U.S. news.

Where is the outrage? Does anyone remember the First and Second Amendments?

Music artists lambaste women and promote drugs and are idolized. Half-naked women sell products on TV, make lascivious music videos and are treated like queens.

So-called celebrities tell us who to vote for, call for no guns but have bodyguards who carry.

Twisted thinking is here to stay. Living in America means you can stand atop Mount Rushmore and scream any slur you like.

“Cops are pigs,” “The holocaust never happened,” “Go back to Africa,” “God is dead,” “Yoga sucks,” “All Germans are Nazis,” and the list goes on. None of the above remarks is nice.

We might not agree, but Americans have a right to speak. If you disagree, just don’t listen, protest in your own way but, for goodness sakes, let them speak.

Free enterprise will take its toll on these people; they will make their own bed in hell, without the help of others. Bigots have and always will exist. Life goes on.

Have you never had a biased thought against anyone? Have you ever spoken those thoughts? Then cast the first stone. Warning: the “thought police” are here. They pick and choose who they will tear down. Beware, because you could be next.

If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.

Katie Biega

Pine Grove Mills