Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Remember faith-based charities

As Centre Gives begins to roll out its third year of fundraising, it is important to point out some significant policy changes.

Centre Gives has selectively denied some human service organizations from participating on its website, such as Salvation Army, FaithCentre and Catholic Charities.

According to Centre Foundation Executive Director Molly Kunkel, Centre Gives has a firm policy to deny human services groups that help needy families and individuals if those organizations are faith based — regardless of whether the services they provide are done without any religious component attached.

This excludes the food banks (including the pet food bank); clothing assistance for victims of fire and natural disasters; clothing for homeless and distressed families; school supplies and backpacks for underprivileged children; toys and holiday and birthday gifts for needy children; emergency funds to pay heating and utility bills; funds for bus fares for the homeless and unemployed.

FaithCentre ( faithcentre.info), for example, provides the above services — and more — to our community on a daily basis. They desperately need help to provide needy children, families and homeless with essential services.

To get a behind-the-scenes idea of all they do, volunteer sometime. Your eyes will be opened to the critical services they provide.

Please don’t forget FaithCentre in your giving this year.

William Spicer