Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Common Core not the answer

In response to John DeBartola’s April 30 letter on Common Core (“Better standards needed”), he is correct that the education standards need to be revised, but not with the Common Core curriculum.

Many states were failing to meet the No Child Left Behind Act, which was passed under George W. Bush, and were facing a budget crisis.

The new Race to the Top grant money seemed like a way to solve both problems. They did not understand or care about the additional costs.

According to a study by Accountability Works, it is “estimated that the total additional costs (one-time plus a seven-year time period for implementation) to state taxpayers will amount to $15.8 billion across participating states.”

Not to mention the additional time taken away from teachers and students in classroom instruction for additional test prep.

Classic literature is being forgone for instructional manuals in English class and algebraic equations being taught to elementary students in the interest of teaching critical thinking to children who are far too young to understand the concept.

Yes, there have to be improvements made to our educational system, but this is not the way to do it.

I encourage all parents to educate themselves on Common Core and to learn the facts and call on our elected representatives to repeal this law in Pennsylvania, as so many other states are doing.

Elizabeth Folta