Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Cyclists have rights, too

Regarding “Caution: Dangerous road” (CDT, April 30), I am sure letter writer Nathan Moorman was well-intentioned, but it missed the bigger picture.

I commute on my bicycle along the Boalsburg-Lemont road every day and I share some of Moorman’s concerns.

However, bicyclists are considered vehicles on the road, and we have road rights just like automobiles. Sidewalks are for pedestrians. I (literally) go out of my way to use the bike paths every day.

Some people, like me, actually live on or adjacent to Boalsburg Road or other parts of town without bike paths. I challenge motorists to commute to work by only driving on Atherton and Garner streets and Vairo Boulevard. That’s right, they don’t connect.

The real problem is that a few motorists (like the truck driver in Moorman’s letter) fail to abide by the law, which requires automobiles to give 4 feet of space when passing cyclists. The truck in Moorman’s letter was breaking the law by passing a cyclist so dangerously on a blind curve. Moorman seemed apathetic about reporting this truck to police, but he found the time to criticize the cyclist.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter which road you are talking about; some automobile drivers, in their hurry to get from A to B, will needlessly and dangerously pass and infringe upon cyclists without regard to our rights or safety.

Jason Hill