Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | There’s a fork in the road

On May 20, all registered voters in the State College Area School District will have an opportunity to help determine the direction of its high school facilities.

This vote pertains to the funding for the proposed project that would update aging and deficient facilities, greatly improve safety and security and enhance the educational environment of our high school.

During the past decade, we have deferred major upgrades to our high school facilities because we have anticipated significant renovations and new construction. Because this can no longer wait, we are at a fork in the road.

If the proposal is not funded with a successful referendum, the needs still exist and must be addressed. We can no longer sit tight while kids are in classrooms that flood, are too hot or too cold or lack natural light.

If we spend millions to improve major systems, we will reach a point of no return and commit to the current campus model. This piecemeal approach would not improve the daily educational life of students or campus security.

Please go to www.scasd.org/statehighfuture for details or contact me with questions or comments. I invite voters to tour the high school buildings at 6 p.m. Monday or 10 a.m. May 17.

I encourage SCASD residents who are registered to vote to learn about this proposal and exercise their right to vote.

Bob O’Donnell, State College