Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Sharing the blame

In response to the group that said a proposed new statue of Joe Paterno is inappropriate (CDT, April 29), if I had the wherewithal I would buy a plot of land in the city and erect a statue of Paterno with blazing lights showing the good deeds of him and his family.

There are those who say he should have done more in the Sandusky case. What about the organization Sandusky headed? What about his wife, who claims to not have heard any cries for help from the basement?

And what about the board of trustees members who allowed him to enter the locker rooms on the Penn State campus?

Now we have a new item at Penn State about a former Vanderbilt University coach who had three football players accused of rape. Shouldn’t the coach have done more in this matter?

James Bussacco Sr., Pittston