Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Heartbreaking destruction

I am heartbroken that someone would be capable of desecrating the hallowed ground of the Boalsburg cemetery where history can be palpably felt as you walk around it.

The low-lifes who committed this moral atrocity deserve to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, because as what they did can never be fully repaired.

As Civil War re-enactors, my wife, youngest son and I participated with Battery B, 3rd Pennsylvania Volunteers Light Artillery on many Memorial Days at this beautiful cemetery to honor the fallen.

On the hour we would fire a volley from our Battery of four ordnance rifles, which could be heard throughout the surrounding area over to the military shrine across the street from the cemetery where my family has walked our dog many times a week.

I’m very sad to the point that I feel that my right arm has just been taken away from me and all the patriots — especially military veterans — that the Boalsburg cemetery and the military shrine meant so much to, as evinced by their presence honoring the dead buried and commemorated there.

Gary L. Morella, Lemont