Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | A yes vote for education

When considering the current State High project, it is instructive to recall the failed attempt to build a new State High in 2006.

That project was stopped by opposition from the combined forces of people who wanted to spend more, perhaps on two smaller high schools, and people who wanted to spend less to fix the existing one. The upshot was replacement of more than half the school board with community members who reflected the wide range of opposing views.

After years-long study of the problems with the existing high school, exhaustive consideration of possible fixes and upgrades and extremely thorough consultation with the community, the new school board unanimously supports the State High project.

The members of our school board represent the broad range of political philosophies in our community. They have looked closely at the options. Their unanimous support shows that, independent of one’s politics, only a “yes” vote in the May 20 referendum will satisfy the educational needs of our community.

David Weiss

State College