Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Write in Richard Irvin

In my humble opinion regarding the upcoming primary vote for state representative in the 81st District, Mike Fleck ran for office in 2006, set to go to Harrisburg to straighten out the state and bring jobs and prosperity back to his home district.

What happened? He seems to have become just one of the many who saw a lucrative career, with a golden parachute, and lifetime financial rewards if he could remain in office through 2016. During his seven plus years in office, has he done nothing to better the lives of his constituents?

He votes the party line and tries not to make waves. Now, if he is re-elected, folks in several Centre County townships can expect the same: no service.

I believe change was in the works, with the emergence of a great candidate named Richard Irvin.

Irvin, however, made a mistake. Although he filed petitions regularly as an elected county official, he inadvertently failed to file a duplicate copy of his financial disclosure, which he had already filed with the Pennsylvania Department of State.

But his ballot was challenged in court by Fleck’s ex-wife, Dorea Cunningham, and his candidacy was derailed.

Fleck, I suppose, in the spirit of fair play, tried to talk her out of the challenge.

So, now, in the spirit of fair play, I ask voters — Democrats and Republicans — to write in Richard Irvin for state representative on primary Election Day.

John Kauffman