Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor | Show your Schlow love

Unfortunately, our excellent public library is being forced to close for a week and furlough employees in order to balance its budget this year.

This is because Schlow Centre Region Library has lost more than $900,000 in state funding since 2008. Isn’t it time to let our legislators know that we want the governor to restore funding for public libraries?

If you agree, it is time to take action. Come to a rally organized by the Friends of Schlow Library at noon Tuesday outside the library and hear what the library means to people in our community. Complete an “I love Schlow” postcard for us to send to our legislators or show your support by writing a letter to your state representative.

We need to put an end to funding cuts for public libraries in Pennsylvania or we risk more closures. Schlow is an important community asset that deserves support.

Susan Werner

State College

The writer is vice president of Friends of Schlow Library.